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This section is a guide to reference materials which you may find useful in your quest towards achieving ISO registration.



American Society for Quality

International Organization for Standardization

ISO Technical Committee Home Page

ISO Books

Cianfrani, Charles A., et al. ISO 9001:2000 Explained. Milwaukee, ASQC Quality Press, 2001.

Ketola, Jeanne and Kathy Roberts. ISO 9000:2000 in a Nutshell. Chico, Paton Press, 2000.

Landry, Pierre D., et al. The ISO 9000 Essentials. Toronto, Canadian Standards Association, 2000.

Puri, Subhash C.. ISO 9000 Certification: Total Quality Management. Ottawa, Standards Quality Management Group, 2000.

Huyink, Davis Stevenson, and Craig Westover. ISO 9000. New York, Irwin Professional Publishing, 1994.

General Quality Management References

Campanella, Jack. Principles of Quality Costs. Milwaukee, ASQC Quality Press, 1990.

Deming, W. Edwards. Out of the Crisis. Cambridge, Mass., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Centre for Advanced Engineering Study, 1991.

Drucker, Peter F.. Managing in a Time of Great Change. New York, Penguin Books USA Inc., 1995.

Drucker, Peter F.. The Leader of the Future. San Francisco, Jossey-Bass Inc.,1996.

Juran, J.M.. Juran on Planning for Quality. New York, The Free Press, 1988.

Juran, J.M., and Frank M. Gryna. Juran's Quality Control Handbook. New York, McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1988.

Senge, Peter M.. The Fifth Discipline. New York, Doubleday, 1990.

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