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Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is the leading automobile insurance corporation in British Columbia. The Corporate Services Department supports the internal divisions of ICBC providing a range of integrated business and facilities support services.

"I would like to provide some personal feedback on your engagement at ICBC, and thank you for the important contributions you have made. In my role as Acting AVP Corporate Services over the past year, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you, and have come to value and rely upon your abilities and expertise. In my view, you have played a major role in the successful restructuring of our division and in the development and implementation of our process. You have also been very successful in representing Corporate Services in the broader corporate arena.

I appreciate your thoroughness, drive and hard work. I am constantly impressed by the quantity and quality of work you produce on our behalf."

Randy Alexander
Acting Assistant Vice President, Corporate Services

"On December 6, 1999 the Board of Directors of ICBC approved a change in policy which will fundamentally change how operational real estate is transacted in the future inside the Corporation. The change did not come easily. After hundreds of hours of meetings and discussions it was possible to develop a Board recommendation which encompassed the needs of everyone involved in the process. No easy task!

Please accept this certificate as a reminder of my appreciation for your outstanding contribution in making this happen. Without you it would not have been possible to change the way we have done things for more than 25 years. I hope that you will set this where you will always be able to see it. I also hope it will remind you, as it does me, that each one of us can make a difference.

Thanks for making it happen!!!"

Bill Rinsma
Assistant Vice President, Corporate Services

"I have really appreciated your calm and thorough approach to all of the initiatives we have undertaken in the department, and especially your help on the new project budget format. I know the new tool will be extremely useful to all.

Thanks again for all your help."

Michelle Mina
Accommodations Manager


General Paint Ltd.

General Paint Ltd. is Western Canada’s largest paint manufacturer and retailer. They are well known for their quality coating products. In addition to servicing contractors and consumers, General Paint also supplies the Department of Transportation and Home Depot.

"Having now successfully completed three ISO-9002 certification audits, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the valuable contribution you made to General Paint's success in the ISO program.

I am always impressed with your knowledge of the ISO-9000 series of standards. The critical roles you have fulfilled over the past three years, as educator, consultant and lead auditor have been a key part of General Paint's success in establishing , implementing and maintaining our ISO-9002 certification."

Trevor Thorne
Quality Assurance Manager

“The Senior Implementation Team Members are now more comfortable with their responsibilities. All agree the training was worthwhile.”

Peter A. Hiscocks
Technical Director

"The pace and level of depth was good. Richard was open and his style effective.”

Albert Low


Pachena Industries Ltd.

Pachena Industries Ltd. is a full service electronics contract manufacturer. Pachena provides procurement, manufacturing and testing services to the telecommunications, aerospace, medical and industrial control sectors. Their client list includes Electrohome, AlliedSignal, Unisys, Alcatel, Westinghouse and Creo Products.

“With ISO registration behind us, I am writing on behalf of all at Pachena to thank you most sincerely for the valuable and critical consulting role you fulfilled and for your important contribution towards Pachena’s successful registration.

We appreciated the thoroughness of your project management assistance, your persistent drive, your willingness to continuously educate us all, your counsel, and the professionalism you demonstrated throughout our preparation for the audit.”

Jonathan G. Scott
President & Chief Executive Officer

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