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BCIT: School of Business - Operations Management


OPMT 3306 - ISO 9000:2000 Quality Standard

The ISO 9000 series of standards is under going a significant revision. This course will familiarize you with the use of the new ISO 9000 International Standards for Quality Management and Quality Assurance systems. The series consists of ISO 9000, 9001 and 9004. Topics include the purpose and requirements of the ISO Standards; assessment of existing company operations in terms of the standards; and the steps required for implementation and registration to the ISO 9001 standard.

Prerequisites: OPMT 2206 (3 Credits)

OPMT 4699 - Enterprise Performance Management

Regardless of each person's specialization, increasing competition and the constant demand for improvement forces employees to understand departmental interrelationships and the implication of converging operations. This course ties the outcomes from the program together and explores the definition and application of business management systems. Topics include: Strategic Planning and Performance Metrics, Resource Management, Process Management and Delivery Systems, Measurement and Improvement Systems and Project and Change Management (This Course replaces OPMT 2290 - Performance Measurement)

Prerequisites: OPMT 1198 or OPMT 1106 (3 Credits)


City University: School of Business - MBA Program


PM501- Introduction into Project Management

Project Management is growing rapidly as both an occupation and as an academic discipline. It is based on a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to management that focuses on the successful achievement of defined deliverables. Project management is the embodiment of quality management and has already become the predominant management approach in fields such as construction, engineering, performing arts production, technology development, and telecommunications.

This course introduces specific managerial concepts and techniques useful in project management. Topics include the following: organizational structure; how to plan, begin, carry out, control, and close project processes; and the relationship between projects and an organization’s mission, objectives and goals.

MC 550- Operational Management

This class is a survey course at the graduate level designed to introduce the fundamental requirements of production/operations management in both the manufacturing of tangible goods and in the service sector. The course examines the utilization and application of resources involved in the production (or delivery) environment as they relate to the total organization. Collaboration and interfacing with other departments are essential elements of successfully utilizing a company’s production ability as a competitive resource.The course concepts apply to a variety of organizations from start-up organizations to major corporations. MC 550 provides the basis for management to improve decision making relative to the involvement and integration of the production operations group.



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